Ethics & Sustainability

So you may be thinking, wow these really aren’t the cheapest jumpers in the world. There’s good reason. Let me tell you why.

I am so passionate about ethical and sustainable clothing in a world ruled by fast fashion. In short, cheap mass-produced clothing supports poor working conditions in developing countries, has considerable environmental impacts such as toxic waste and allows large corporations to profit at the expense of worker exploitation. I didn’t want to contribute to that.

After months of research, sending a million questions down the supply chain about issues like production waste and how to do packaging more sustainably, I was finally satisfied! I’m so proud to say that everyone working on the production of The AM/PM Collection is protected through WRAP, a certification about working hours, working conditions, fair pay and more. Every material involved, from the cotton to the plant-fibre yarn of the embroidery has the Oeko-Tex Accreditation, meaning all stages of their use produce no harmful substances that would damage the environment. The manufacturers are accredited through Amfori with progressive values about sustainable trade.

And though production of clothes is never perfect, I’m pretty damn happy with this.

Finding the balance between environmental, social and economic factors has been a huge juggling act! To cover the cost of sustainable production, which I hope you can appreciate as so important, the jumpers aren’t dirt cheap and my profits aren’t crazy big haha! But I want this to be meaningful clothing; more than a one-time fast fashion wear. I hope with every collection and round of innovation, I can tell you about how we’ve made it even more sustainable.

Thank you for choosing to support ethical business! Because no one should be exploited in the name of StudyWear.


All products are shipped in compostable bags to reduce unnecessary plastic consumption!